BluPointe’s partner programs are all-inclusive:

•  No start-up costs.
•  No hidden costs.
•  Pay only for what you use

 Licenses for hosting providers, resellers, ISPs, data centers and backup service providers. Storage-based licensing: BluPointe  offers hosting providers a powerful and extremely simple license structure
based on the used storage on the storage server.

As a hosting provider BluPointe will provide:

•  Free re-branding
•  Unlimited server clients
•  Unlimited workstation clients
•  Unlimited storage licenses
•  Unlimited application plugins
•  Always the latest software version
•  Free support
•  Free training / certification


No minimum storage requirements:

SPLA: Storage-based licensing works according to the SPLA model based on the actual used gigabytes posted from the storage server at the end of every month.

Actual storage usage is calculated:

•  After compression at the client side
•  After de duplication at the client side
•  Including retention

  • Remote installation–functionality that allows easy installation on a remote computer through management console.
  • Remote management (no need to RDC in) the ability to manage backup manager via remote GUI.
  • Active monitoring – know what is happening as it happens.
  • Deep De-duplication.
  • Common file elimination (great for OS or applications), dramatically decrease storage waste.
  • Support included (no limited tickets.)
  • Two-tier backup – the ability to continue backup process when network is not available.
  • Low I/O impact on server, storage or client.
  • Windows or Linux server.
  • Clients for Linux, Windows or Mac OS

•  Oracle–the possibility to backup and restore Oracle.
•  VMWare per files restore–this new feature allows to restore VMWare per files.
•  Archiving–the ability to keep specific backups actual, even if these backups are behind the retention point.
•  Common files–this new feature allows the user to eliminate or at least dramatically decrease storage waste.
•  2-tier backup–the ability to continue backup process when network is not available.
•  Restore on Desktop–new technology that allows to restore data to Desktop/Laptop remotely.
•  APS package–the possibility to use APS package for accounts creation.
•  Color coding–new technology allows user to mark specified data in management console.
•  Remote installation–new functionality allows easy remote installation through the management console.
•  Free text columns–the ability to add free text columns to the management console/ management engine.
•  VSS Share Point–backup and restore VSS Share Point.


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