What is your customers Recovery Time Objective

For most businesses, the cost of downtime is always too high. When disaster strikes, knowing your data is backed up to the cloud is no guarantee that your company will sidestep downtime and remain resilient.

For maximum protection when it comes to business continuity, partners need the ability to recover client servers both on-site and off-site in the cloud, depending on the situation they face. Even before disaster strikes, partners can help clients prepare for worst-case scenarios by providing them with cloud recovery services that will boost client infrastructure, and ensure safety and protection for mission critical servers and applications in a virtual cloud environment—on an emergency or as-needed basis. For MSPs, solution providers and VARs, BluPointe’s Continuity Cloud products offer fast, flexible, and affordable cloud recovery services.

BluPointe Continuity Cloud

BluPointe offers its Continuity Cloud as a wholesale, add-on service for BluPointe partners to arm their clients with fast recovery capabilities in the cloud on an emergency or as-needed basis. BluPointe’s Continuity Cloud supports both ShadowProtect and AppAssure image recovery from a single cloud services provider.

In the event of a server outage, a local BluPointe BDR appliance is the obvious option to quickly and transparently virtualize the failed server on-site. But what if the BDR appliance and client site have been destroyed or are otherwise unreachable? Thanks to BluPointe, partners can turn to the Continuity Cloud to restore failed infrastructure in the cloud.

BluPointe enables partners to simulate a client environment in the cloud through our powerful and easy-to-use virtual routing and firewalling features that allow fully transparent access to virtualized servers.

Benefits to Resellers

Resellers can avoid any upfront capital investment while relying on BluPointe Continuity Cloud products for a dependable recovery cloud environment.

Resellers can command premium pricing for all backup and disaster recovery services by adding Continuity Cloud recovery as a premium service.

Resellers can meet and exceed strict service level agreements (SLAs) that promise clients server recovery in less than 24 hours.

Resellers can keep recurring costs low and margins high, since you’re only paying for the BluPointe Continuity Cloud when you need it.

Resellers can broaden their territorial range by leveraging cloud recovery as a service, no matter where their clients are located.


BluPointe Continuity Cloud’s Competitive Advantages

Resellers enjoy enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery at prices even their small business customers can afford. They also gain the opportunity to differentiate total solution options by going beyond basic backup services and products to offer a business continuity solution that guarantees uptime and resiliency for mission critical servers and applications.

BluPointe’s Continuity Cloud advantages help resellers grow their businesses and enjoy enhanced earnings that BluPointe’s Continuity Cloud products and services command.



The qualified MSP, VAR or solution provider receives BluPointe Continuity Cloud products at wholesale pricing. (See the BluPointe price list for complete details.)

Interested MSPs, VARs and solution providers can take advantage of BluPointe’s Continuity Cloud 30-day free trial.