Safe and Secure Locations

Our data centers are strategically located within disaster-safe regions, providing a safe home for your data. Our locations are far from flood plains and liquefactions zones. The facilities are constructed with appropriate seismic reinforcements, and building construction is encased in granite or 6″ cement walls.

We currently have 3 data center locations: Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and Kelowna (Canada).


Physical Security

Physical security takes a defense in depth approach. Razor fences, patrols by armed security guards, perimeter lighting, and video surveillance and recording protect the exterior.

Entrance to the facility and data floor spaces are protected by multi-level security measures, including photo identity verification, biometric scanning, card keys, and badge authentication. All equipment coming into or out of the building is checked by the guards, audited, and logged. Individual equipment cabinets utilize locking front and back doors combined with video surveillance and recording.