Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

Real-time monitoring of all networks, servers, services, storage, and other key IT infrastructure is critical to providing reliable cloud services you can depend upon. We use two separate external and an internal automated monitoring systems, which leverage differing technologies to monitor the same systems. This diversity of monitoring technologies and systems ensures that our engineers will always be alerted of degradations in fault tolerance or performance. Alerts are processed 24/7/365 by our team of engineers.

Take a look at our global monitoring network:


Keeping Cloud Services Running 24/7/365

We operate true “lights-out” data centers. Once new equipment is physically installed, our engineering team has comprehensive control over every component in the data center. Except for the replacement of failed physical components, our engineers can diagnose and resolve issues faster than if we were standing right there in the data center. Additionally, all data center facilities are staffed by qualified data center engineers 24/7/365 (including holidays) to quickly install or replace equipment or cabling.

infrastructure-monitoring-graphs-lg Obsessively Deep Monitoring

Power, temperature, humidity, component/service health, filesystem utilization, disk media health, and performance metrics are collected across our entire infrastructure every few minutes and aggregated into a single global dashboard monitored by our team.

We’re especially paranoid when it comes to monitoring our storage–our systems frequently check the status of every cable, every drive connector, every drive slot, every enclosure, every hard disk temperature sensor, every controller–if we can measure it we will find a way to monitor it. Our systems also proactively identify potential problems before they happen, allowing preventative maintenance to head off problems before fault tolerance is degraded.

Our years of performance introspection and fine-tuning allow us to provide cloud services with unparalleled levels of performance, reliability, and availability.