Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) click to download pdf

Downtime can cost a business dearly. When a disaster strikes, merely backing up to the cloud does not guarantee uptime and business resiliency. For the utmost in business continuity, partners should have the ability to recover client servers either on-site, or off-site in the cloud, as the situation dictates. Partners can help clients prepare for worst-case scenarios by delivering cloud recovery services. Cloud recovery enables partners to bring up client infrastructure, such as mission critical servers and applications, in a virtual cloud environment on an emergency or as needed basis. For MSPs, solution providers, and VARs, BluPointe  offers the BluPointe  Continuity Cloud, a fast, flexible, and affordable cloud recovery service.

BluPointe  Continuity Cloud

The BluPointe  Continuity Cloud is a wholesale, add-on service delivered to BluPointe  partners that allows fast recovery in the cloud on an emergency or as-needed basis. The BluPointe  Continuity Cloud is the only cloud recovery service that supports both ShadowProtect and AppAssure image recovery from a single cloud services provider. In the event of a server outage, a local BluPointe  BDR appliance is the first option to easily, quickly, and transparently virtualize the failed server on-site. If however, the BDR appliance and client site have been destroyed or are otherwise unavailable, partners can turn to the BluPointe  Continuity Cloud to bring the failed infrastructure back up in the cloud. BluPointe  empowers partners to fully simulate a client environment in the cloud with powerful virtual routing and firewalling features that are easy to use and allow fully transparent access to virtualized servers.

Benefits For Your Business

  • Avoid upfront capital investment by relying on BluPointe  for your recovery cloud environment
  • Command a price premium for all of your backup and disaster recovery services, by adding cloud recovery as premium service offering
  • Meet and exceed strict service level agreements (SLAs) that promise your clients server recovery in less than 24 hours
  • Keep recurring costs low and margins high, since you only pay for the BluPointe  Continuity Cloud when you need it
  • Expand your geographic footprint by leveraging cloud recovery as a service, no matter where your clients have geographical offices