Data Center Specifications

Our cloud services are powered by eFolder-owned equipment co-located in large-scale, secure, enterprise-grade datacenters in Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and Canada. These facilities are designed for 99.999% reliability (no more than 5 minutes average downtime per year), are SSAE 16 Type II Certified (replacement for SAS 70 Type II), and are HIPAA and PCI Compliant. While specifications of each facility vary slightly, all are designed to be highly secure and fault tolerant. For example, our Atlanta facility features the following:


  • 10 foot razor fence with 24/7/365 surveillance and patrols by armed security guards.
  • State of the art data center ID system and security including video surveillance and recording.
  • Multi-level identity verification, including biometric scanning, card keys, and badge authentication.
  • Real-time IPS and multilevel firewalls that comprehensively auto-block sources of rejected traffic.

Power (2N+1)

  • Multiple utility feeds from separate substations with diverse building entry
  • 11 generators providing a total of 7 MW of power, with in-ground fuel tanks to provide uninterrupted power for several days of outages. Fuel contracts guard against long-term outages.
  • A+B feeds to each cabinet with A+B computing equipment, with each feed backed by independent N+1 power paths, including breakers, UPS systems, generators, and main feeds.
  • A connection to the most reliable power grid in the state of Georgia through quad vaults on 4 feeds. This grid protects the main hospital in Atlanta so it is on a last outage program for critical services and was extensively upgraded for the Olympics. For the last 8 years the generators have only been used for testing.

Environmental Controls (N+1)

  • Environmentally friendly chilled water cooling, fed by redundant water sources (private well, city main), and powered by redundant pumps and paralleled 500-ton cooling towers.
  • Redundant Liebert Air systems providing consistent temperature and humidity range throughout the 70,000 square feet of datacenter space.
  • Continual environmental monitoring in each cabinet and through the data center, with threshold alarms monitored by the 24/7/365 NOC, providing fast resolution of anomalous conditions.

Network (2N)

  • Redundant Cisco BGP routing and switching infrastructure with cold spares on site. If equipment failure occurs, there is no interruption of service.
  • 62 Gbit/sec Internet connectivity, delivered through multiple independent fiber rings and lines. Dual feeds of all aggregation routers ensure 100% uptime – some of the best in the business.
  • Avaya ANS BGP4 management system optimizing the routes on the network in real time, 7000 times per minute based upon trace route performance, to ensure low latency and high throughput.
  • 6 backbone providers who are publicly peered with 12 providers including Earthlink. Our current network consists of multiple 10 Gig or Gig links to Abovenet, Cogent, Level 3, nLayer, SAVVIS, Telia Sonera, XO, and the Atlanta Internet Exchange public peering point.